Miller Lite Cantroller

Unit 9 / DDB Chicago / Miller Lite



The cantroller is a can of Miller Lite that doubles as a fully functional wireless video games controller. From the outside, the Cantroller looks like a normal can of Miller Lite. Inside it are embedded miniature buttons and a custom circuit board that enables it to act as a video games controller when paired to a computer.


We worked with Unit 9 to design the technical aspects of the Cantroller. We designed and fabricated custom flexible circuit boards that wrap around the can, embedding buttons on its surface. We programmed the custom controller circuit board to act as a regular bluetooth games controller so that it is compatible with Steam, the popular gaming platform. The Cantroller can be recharged with a USB cable and lasts for up to 3 hours of gameplay. All the electronics fit neatly on the bottom of the can, making sure the product looks like a real Miller Lite can.


We produced over 200 circuit boards for the launch of Cantroller at E3, where Eric Andre played Street Fighter on stage with the Cantroller against members of the public.

Tech specs